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I really love a girl. We were going great. We became gf and bf, but later on her parents knew about?

- We really love each other. - I think she is still scared of being committed. - We're still students. - We live very far away from each other.

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Is a girl nervous and likes me or trying to avoid me?

is a girl nervous or trying to avoid me?This girl who I havent talked to in a while gives me mixed signals but doesn't usually approach me to ...

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My girlfriend loves heels but only wears them when she is on a girls night?

she only wears comfy flats when we go out together. Can anyone think of a reason for this?

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How do you get a girl to have a crush on you?

I am a ten year old boy i am in fifth grade and i REALLY want a girlfriend. I have a crush on a girl and i want her to have ...

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I told a girl I loved her and now she wont talk to me what should I do?

I'm the school holidays I told this girl who I was really good friends with I loved her over ...

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Me and my girl friend run out of things to say when texting...?

me and my girlfriend text A LOT and we both want to keep talking but we don't have any thing to say ...

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Why r guys so mean to girls?

why should they do that

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My girl friend is 22yrs ... she is still a virgin but I am not?

We have been into distance relationship for two years now I never make love to her, but I never ask for ...

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