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How to go from Borivali to Vasai, do I need to go via Thane?

Google maps is not showing the shortest and straight road.

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Google - What is a crest with a white background,a pale blue stipe across the middle with two red?

... birds at the top & one red bird at the bottom resemble

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Google - can a green card holder of usa fight election in india ?

tp singh hazaribagh jharkhand india

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How did Google get its name?

Is there some kind of history behind the name 'Google' or was it just a random choice?

28 answers | | Resolved

What is bork bork bork?

It is listed as an official supported interface language for Google, but I have no clue what it is?

8 answers | | Resolved

Google - (This was asked in IAS exam!) pls rpl A very simple but cnfusing puzzle. A lady buys?

... goods worth rs.200 from a shop. (shopkeeper selling the goods with ...

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Do you like google or bing better?

I personally like google better because whenever I type in something on bing it NEVER gives me what I'm looking for. Google does. ...

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