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Help!! My pathetic love life?

Ok this will be long. So I went into this tattoo parlor and got my belly button pierced. The guy who did it is adorable! Then I went back with my ...

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Google - why do girls suddenly start ignoring you?

okay, so I'm a guy and I've known this girl for about two years. We chatted almost daily or a week of no chatting at most,(texting Caus we ...

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Why r guys so mean to girls?

why should they do that

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Love - Boys please answer this! (Girls if u have a really good anwer u can answer too)?

I am a girl and i want to get a boyfriend. I am a 12 year old girl and i have a ...

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I like a really cute guy, but I'm not allowed to date. What do I do?

Okay so there is this really hot guy in my class. I like him and I know he likes me to because he ...

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Why are guys so mean to me?

I'm a teenage girl, and guys are sooo mean to me, but nice to everyone else. I I don't ask for much, I don't want a guy to ...

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