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I am looking for a good romance manga with an interesting plot?

I have been looking for some good romance manga with a good plot, but have not been able to find any recently. I would be very thankful if somebody ...

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Google - where can I find jesus (manga) volume 4 and up?

im starting to get desperate because i cant seem to find volumes 4 and up but i have seen on myanimelist that there are 13 volume... if you know any ...

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I want to learn to draw comics and manga but I am not getting any course in delhi .?

i want to learn to draw comics but i am not getting any institute in DELHI INDIA that teaches it. Please suggest me some good institutes that teach ...

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What is the Naruto manga character and who created it?

Is a Naruto a series?

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Weerd to wanna loose vergen to carton chacter ?

hi i am a vergen n i don relly like real life boys cuz they allways tret a girl bad i love amine films and i falled in ...

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Huw many seasons has the cartoon naruto?

naruto is a manga cartoon

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Is the manga Fairy Tail appropriate for a 10 going into 11 year old?

I am a ten year old boy and I have read, and watched a bunch on Fairy Tail. My parents are wondering ...

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Is the Soul Eater Manga completed...?

... or are there any more volumes yet to be written?

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