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Unexplained happenings at home?

Last night we locked up downstairs & left my keys hanging still in the door as we usually do. When my partner left for work this morning his keys ...

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My son is having troble making friends ?

This summer I sighned my son up for a campbecause I thought it would be somthing fun for him to do this summer at the camp In the morning they play ...

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How can I wake up in the morning?

I have tried to go to bed earlier, stay of my electronics before going to bed, and much more but no matter how much or when I wake up/ go to bed I ...

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Pregnant - I barely found out I was pregnat this morning should I tell my mom?

well it had all had happened at a party i had gone to last week on a fridey night so should ...

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Me and my friend(a girl) are both 13?

We had a sleep over and we wathced a action movie she started to rub my Dick delly fast through my pants and she I woke up the next ...

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I like this guy but I dont know him at all what should I do if I only see him in the morning?

also ever since i told my supposively best friend that i like him shes been ...

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My mom wants to get rid of me what should I do?

Ok so a few days ago I snapped into Sadie (an alternate personality I have) and I got angry because I have morning anger ...

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