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How can I get rid of worms in a 2 month old kitten?

my friend found a kitten and it was eating just fine. now the kitten is losing weight and scooting on its butt.

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How old is tayvion power?

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My female 6 year old dog has been out a feww times while in season two weeks ago?

And now she is producing milk... so is she pregnant?

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How do you get a girl to have a crush on you?

I am a ten year old boy i am in fifth grade and i REALLY want a girlfriend. I have a crush on a girl and i want her to have ...

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Girls - is it Ok for a 16 year old boy to date a 14 years old girl?

im a 16 year old boy and i recently got into an relationship with a 14 year old girl.. i know 2 years ...

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I am 13 years old and I have a 250 page book. should I publish it?

i am kindof afraid of what my mother or people think of it. I don't want people to compare it to ...

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Are the greek gods and goddesses real?

i am 13 years old and have read all the books by rick riordan. i was wonderng if the gods in the greek mythology where real. i am ...

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