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What do you do if people tease you like all the time?

All my life people have teased me about my hair, my religion ( muslim) and my accent. I got teased sooooooooooooooo much that I had to change to ...

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What if jesus was schizophrenic?

And he made the biggest cult ever... And everything Christians know and other religious people know about religion is a lie? Wouldn't it ...

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What are the aims of the religious organization Hezbollah?

I know they're a Islamic organization but where are they based? What are their goals?

7 answers | | Resolved

Why do people still bother with science when religion is obviously right ?

Why do you not believe in God ? How can you even dream of getting away with that kind of ...

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Which religion is the right one? and why?

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How do you stop falling in love with someone?

I met this guy online about 2-3 weeks ago. He is the complete opposite of me especially in religion Im christian and ...

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Are there any scholarly sources to reinforce my postulate that religion is the origin of science?

Where Religion explains the world as science does but without the ...

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