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I dream of my crush every night?

there's a girl at my school and i like her and i think she likes me but her dad is my teacher

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Ladies: which guy would you rather marry?

Guy A: PROS: Passionate Fun Charismatic Sexy Lot's of attraction and chemistry kind/great morals great dad intelligent emotionally aware and ...

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I want my bf to wear thongs/g strings but he thinks its gay its gay, why and how is it gay?

he is really muscular and sexy with a nice toned ass, and would look amazing ...

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Is it sexy to wear no panties at all?

Im young(In highschool),sexy,and alittle naughty so is it wrong or sexy that i always wear a thong or nothing at all?

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Im in love?

hes extra sexy

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I want to have sex with my mom..plz give me tips how to seduce her. ?

m 16 my mom is 42...she is a housewife & somewat religious..m frm she has a vry ...

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How to get a good figure naturally ? I want to increase my bust size and butt size?

my age is 20. im slim.i dont put on weight easily. i require my figure to be more ...

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