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Imam - Where should women stay for itakaf in Ramadan mosque or her home?

Some say one can only hold itakaf in the mosque men and women. But some mosque do not provide a place for women to stay in the mosque in this case ...

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What foods should pregnant women avoid?

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I work as house cleaner,why(some)women treat me badly?

i dont have problems with men but some women who rent me to clean her house treat me badly,sometimes it was ...

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Can Indian women do anel sex?

I am newly married girl and my husband force me for getting 1st anel sex. It is right or rong? How to avoid anus fuck? It's a very ...

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How to have sex with old women?

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Am I a lesbian?

I am lost. I have been married for over a decade and we have children. I am not into him though. I think about women to get off and I constantly catch ...

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