Between Norway and Australia, New Zealand and Germany, which is better for living?

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I have lived in Germany and in New Zealand- both are great countries to live in my opinion.
Germany has lots to offer in terms of culture, history, traveling within Europe is great from Germany, you can reach most countries by car. It's cheap to shop and you get all the products you desire. But it's getting harder to get a decent apartment that is affordable (in main cities) and as far as I know the same is true for work.
New Zealand is very beautiful, has lots to offer as in nature, fishing, boating, hiking, outdoor activities, there are also more cultural events happening and the standard of living is high, but New Zealand is incredibly expensive- if you want a nice life, you need heaps of money. And if you want American products, good luck getting stuff shipped.... it is tricky. :0)

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It depends on what you consider "better". For instance, people think Germany has great culture, but you can be jailed for waving your hand the wrong way.

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It is not quite that simple- you don't get jailed for waving your hand randomly.... :-D

Germany is the best for living.

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It is not easy to find a job in Norway and you can't get by with just knowing English you must learn their language. Housing is expensive.

Its much easier to assimilate in Australia and you dont need to learn another language.

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