Hey. I've been wondering am i really able to send thoughts to or have conversations with random people or people i know/admire through my mental. Last autumn i had a problem with my mental health and I heard voices in my head and had conversations with a few people that exists so I know it could be just that. But lately again i've been feeling like i can connect with for example Rihanna through my head and have conversations with her and even see what she looks like or how she reacts to my questions etc. So obiviously eventually it got awkward and i've been trying to avoid to do thing such as that. But the next problem i got was that I started wondering if i can even send thoughts to people I know at least something about in any TIME or any PLACE so that if I for example watch interviews in Youtube I think that the small 0.5 second squint or head scratching or a small gesture of suspicion or a look of questioning wether it's real or not is actually caused by me through my thoughts. Obiviously the videos aren't real-time so how I think that is possible is because , I think time is objective and everything in this reality is meant to happen as it happens so basically we can't change the past or the future outcome because the outcome has happened already in the future and that with spending hours on these thoughts can result in becoming a unique skill. Also when I listen to music small changes in the artist voice I explain with me accidentally sending tohughts to them to that moment. That's why i think that i can send thoughts to people in the present or in the future when concentrating my mind on it and when i see or somehow feel the event with my senses and it's freaking me out. If anyone has anything real to say to help me or similair experiences to share, i'd appreciate it. Sorry for possible grammar mistakes.