Is microwaved food unsafe for health?

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No, but there are some mistakes that are possible.

Clear plastic can be broken down and set on fire, so if you heat a jar of peanut butter you get plastic ash all over your peanut butter.

If you have clear glass dishes, or any dish not known to be "MICROWAVE SAFE", they can shatter when heated. Don't even try any clear dish with bubbles in the glass. The bubbles will expand and break the glass.

There is a band about 1/2" wide all the way around the inside of the door. It doesn't look like much but that is what keeps the microwaves inside the oven, and it needs to be kept clean all the time.

Yogurt is a growing food with live bacteria in it. Microwaving kills the bacteria. The same is true of any living culture. The same is true of yeast bread dough and some other things. So it's ok to make baking powder biscuits and mug cake, but not yeast bread.

You really should read some books about nutrition so you know a few things. "Folk" information is not always reliable. The most popular introduction to the field is a collection of books by Adelle Davis.

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Idk how old you are but when I was a child food tasted like food. Onions smelled and tasted like onions, as did tomatoes. Now everything has been processed and filled with additives. It's a good thing that this will not always be the case for mankind. Why not consider the article on the website below which offers a hope that soon food will no longer be unhealthy.

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