I became friends with people in a Chorus. I invited my best friend to some functions, & she was accepted as a friend, & made most welcome. I was personal friends with a couple, & my friend became a friend of theirs also & we had dinner with them at their home a few times. The fellow suddenly died., but of course I kept the friendship up with his wife. Lately the wife has asked me a number of times about getting together., but my best friend seems to be playing coy. As recently as a few days ago, I made mention that "Sarah" wants a get-together & my bestie said..."Ya sure..get calendars together &pick a date". "It will seem strange with Bill not being there. I loved him &know he loved me". Huh??? LOVE?? When she dropped me off at my home (we were on an outing) I mentioned that I'd make a call & set something up. My bestie said..."oh 'ya sure...whatever". Normally I would take the "whatever" as being dismissive, but I didn't. Now I wonder what's going on. If my bestie backpeddles when a date has been suggested should I say something...about it looks like she's not truly wanting to get together?