What is the main cause of hazardous food?

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Contamination is the main reason for hazardous food. Contamination is the unintended presence of harmful substances or microorganisms in food. Mainly some chemical, physical and biological sources are the main reason for food contamination. So following food safety tips and food sanitation products can help you in controlling food hazards.

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Food may become unsafe because of contamination by harmful bacteria. This may occur when a jar of home-canned vegetables is improperly sealed, the lettuce in a fresh salad is not washed, cooked meat is left at room temperature too long, or there is careless handling by those preparing food. Food can also be contaminated by pesticide residues or by accidental contact with harmful or poisonous substances.
Ignorance regarding proper hygiene no doubt is the cause of most food-borne diseases.
Food may be safe to begin with but then becomes contaminated by the consumer or by a middleman, such as a shopkeeper or cook.

What is needed to cope with the problem is education for the public in general and mothers in particular. Then individuals can take precautions against contaminating food and can maintain safe eating habits for themselves and their families.

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Hi. Yes we do live in an era of "contaminated" food. I remember when an onion smelled like an onion and chicken wasn't the size of mini turkeys. LOL

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