Hi, I was diagnosed with prostatitis last year following about 4-5 years of issues with inflammation, pains and swelling in my prostrate area and perineum. I'm also having problems with in terms of flow, leakage, struggling to stop/ start, needing to wee sitting down and struggling to empty.

They haven't categorized the type of prostatitis I have but I've been having awful flare-ups for which they have been giving me 4-6 weekly oral antibiotics. I am in so much pain and discomfort it gets to the point where, after a day at work, I could cry. I have been given naproxen but don't find it very helpful. I have recently been given Codeine but I'm concerned about getting constipation as this will cause additional pain on the prostate.

Does anyone experience pain with their prostatitis? If so, what pain relief do people recommend? A friend recently recommended a kind of herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill to me. He had tried it and said it worked well. I decided to try next. Besides, any advice around pain relief would be so greatly appreciated.