I had chronic prostatitis twice within the past year. After diagnosis by a urologist, I have prescribed a course of ciprofloxacin. The condition did not clear up fully and then I have prescribed a course of doxycycline. That seemed to clear up the conditions for approximately a 6 month period.

But then after 6 months, epididymitis came back. This time I’m not 100% sure of the cause but it may have been from straining while lifting heavyweights.

For this round, I have prescribed the same medicine as the first time. The symptoms seemed to improve slightly over the first three weeks of the treatment however after about 3 weeks the symptoms began to return and have now worsened considerably. A friend told me a herbal diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can treat chronic prostatitis effectively. I had tried it and felt my symptoms relieve a lot. What treatment you guys have tried for chronic prostatitis?