Why did Abraham Lincoln get assassinated?

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There is much information on line to answer your question. I will give you some importation information about him.
Abraham Lincoln is one of the most admired politicians. He served as president at the nation’s capital. Yet after he was assassinated, his own son, Tad, said of him: According to historians, four of the thirty-eight U.S. presidents were assassinated, and four died in office, apparently from natural causes. Of the remaining thirty, only a handful survived their terms with the full respect of the American people. Yet, by and large, people view with envy those who reach the top in the fields of finance and politics.Abraham Lincoln was just one of many well-known persons who have considered the Bible to be of real value in life.
The bible tells us at 1 John 5:18,19 "The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one Satan. His intention is to destroy all who believe in the Creator and who do good deeds.
For more information, please go to jw.org.

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If you fight for public, so gain the friends but you also got the enemy.
The thought of Abraham Lincoln was very good for good peoples but some people didn't agree and that's why it has happened.

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