I’ve been supportive of my wife offering opinions and listening after her grandparents recently died. Obviously, her mom is grieving so she wants to visit her 4 hours away and stay for 5 days. I told her I won’t be going if it’s that many days but it’s more complicated than that...
1. Her brother, his wife and 2 kids live there...
2. They have taken over the house and kid stuff everywhere, including my wife’s old room, which is now the 5 years olds “study room”. They even have a huge playground set in the back yard.
3. We just sit in front of the TV, which would be on Disney+ the whole time.
4. I told her 5 days is too much and she said “then don’t go” and got mad.
5. It just feels uninviting and poor father-in-law shows it too in his own house.
What should I do or say?
My sister-in-law recently spent the night but slept in her parents’ room because he old room is now the kids’ room.