How to use Mochi Ice Cream Machine to make delicious food?

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Ingredients: bai
12 egg yolks
Sugar 120g milk 900, corn starch 9g mulberry puree zhi100g papaya jam dao100g mango puree 200g evaporated milk 600g zhuan oil
Recipe practice: shu
1. Put the egg yolk in the basin and put starch in it.
2. Stir the fine sugar evenly.
3. Pour the milk into the pot and heat it until it boils, then remove from the heat.
4. After letting the milk cool for a while, slowly pour it into the egg yolk paste. Generally, stir it quickly while pouring it. Never boil the egg.
5. Pour the custard into the stainless steel pot.
6. Heat on a small fire.
7. Constant stirring.
8. After the custard becomes thick and becomes a custard, remove from the heat. This process is relatively long. Be sure to stir patiently. When the custard is ready, repeat the above steps to make three custards.
9.200 grams of whipped cream refrigerate for more than 12 hours, add 20 grams of sugar to beat to six or seven distribution.
10. The mango is peeled and the flesh is whipped into puree.
11. Custard and mango puree.
12. Add light cream and mix well.
13. Put it into the container and it will be mango ice cream.
14.200 grams of whipped cream is refrigerated for more than 12 hours, and 20 grams of sugar is added to beat until it is distributed.
15. Add custard and papaya jam, mix well, then add light cream and mix well.
16.200 grams of whipped cream is refrigerated for more than 12 hours, and 20 grams of sugar are added to beat to distribute.
17. After washing the mulberries, remove the stalks and beat them into mud.
18. Custard and mulberry puree.
19. Stir evenly.
20. Add light cream and stir evenly.
21. Put them in the refrigerator and take appropriate amounts to match them.

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