Is it possible to have a superior mind and be dimwitted at the same time?

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My son was a genius. He liked reading the dictionary and could tell you every airplane ever made and give you all the details of them before he turned 12. This made him quite an outcast, which didn't help him socially at all. So, while he could mingle in any crowd and talk about almost anything, it was hard for him to feel comfortable around "normal" people. He disliked ignorance and hated arrogance. Instead of doing what I begged him to do for years (therapy), he turned to alcohol. Instead of watching his diet, he ate and drank tons of sugar and became very overweight, keeping him from going in the military and becoming a cop. Dim witted? NO, insecure and anti social, yes. You can't be Evil and Angelic at the same time either. Society puts a very hard "ideal" on us all. Those of us who never feel they it in, often overcompensate and act like they see others act, so who they really are isn't so obvious. It's sad, and doesn't need to be this way. Had my son gone to a good therapist, he would not have died and horrible death from alcohol last year at age 41. Please do not judge others so harshly until you really know them. And it's always o.k. to ASK like you did. I question almost everything and always have.

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