Are horoscope predictions true? Should we believe or not?

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They are more likely "self fulfilling prophecies" as what you believe in and what you put attention to you'll get more of. So if you strongly believe in what the horoscope says then there is a good chance that (even unknowingly) you'll change decisions, act on hunches or such to actually create or draw into your life of what is said in the horoscope- good or bad. Nobody has a crystal ball and can predict the future for sure.

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The scientific community has ruled out astrology as an adequate explanation for describing the universe. Logical testing has tracked down no proof to help the premises or implied impacts framed in celestial customs. Where astrology has made falsifiable forecasts, it has been distorted.

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Yes, Its true.

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Horoscope predictions provide astrological insights. Belief is personal; guidance or scepticism depends on individual perspective.

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