When you are healing, how do you maintain your spiritual well-being and stay grounded?

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I found the best way for me to stay grounged and feed my spiritual self is to go to the source, The Bible. John 17:3 says, "taking in knowlegde, from God's word can mean life". It is like a good food that nourishes us, keeps us healthy and alive. Jesus said, at
John 4:34, that God's word was like food for him. It kept him grounded when he needed it the most.
I've found comfort from not just reading the Bible, but also from getting to understand it as well.
There is a booklet entitled "Enjoy Life Forever". I found it on this website, (jw.org) and it's free. It is a wonderful guide to help anyone understand the Bible which is the beginning of the best journey for healing and growing strong.

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