im 21 and live with parents. i recently started an allergy shot because i was tested and im allergic to my 5 dogs. however they arent mine to get rid of and no one will get rid of them or even take care of them. i am suffering so bad from them. i get my allergy shot once a week. in addition, i take zyratec, hydroxyzene, advair, a nasal mist, eye drops, and several skiin creamss. i have ezcema very bad and i also have asthma. my shot may not actually take effect for another 8 months or so. neither me or my fiance are working and cant find a job. even if we could, it would still be another year at minimum before we could move out. We have hardwood floor but 3 of the 5 dogs are not housetrained. im the only one who will try to train them and clean after them. i think they may even have worms. (2 of these dogs are my sisters but have been living here 3 years while she looks for a new home where she can have pets . she never comes to see them but my nephew does and hes 8 so my parents wont get rid of them) when i was little, if i didnt wanna clean up after my pet, then i was told i wasnt old enough to have a pet. however my nephew who doesnt live here, gets to have his pets here and cusses at everyone to take care of his pets for him. i have hepa air filter in living room. as well as a filter in my room (not sure if hepa or not). i try all kinds of different pet cleaning products. they are rotting the hard wood floors.
are there any good products that aren;t a waste of money? cleaning products, pet products, medicene. etc. any tips? cleaning tips or anything?
i try to keep all the dogs out of my room but the one always sneaks in there. she thinks my man is her man and she is sneaky
any little piece of advice givin is greatly appreciated. i need it bad. thanks