i am still learning how to have sex, but i dont have sex everyday to get really good so fast.. is this bad, or am i lame for this? i ll have sex like 3 or 4 times a week, is that not enough? btw, im 16, and i am really good at giving head so im not worried about that. but the thought of him not enjoying sex with me makes me sad and sometimes i think negative of myself during/getting ready to have sex? i want to be good at sex but i heard that you have to pay attention to his moans and stuff but what if my guy doesnt moan? then what? and i cant really be that girl yet to just let guys come over and **** because my mom doesnt have a job yet, but once she gets a job i can let them come over.. but is there any advice you can give me on getting better the times i do have sex? i mean girls what are you thinking when your having sex and what are you doing thats making him think its good? are you being yourself or is it just confidence or both? ** should i not worry to much, or not at all if its good or not if im practicing for myself on a guy should i just do it for myself? ** i have a really nice body, and am confident showing when i have sex so im not at all worried about that. Thanks for your help.. i think im having performance anxiety, how can i overcome this also?