I am 22-soon, and female and I am engaged and am definitely in love with my fiance. I've never had a huge sex drive, but I notice that lately I rarely want to have sex. My fiance is 19, and well usually wants to have sex and then I feel bad when I refuse. However, for some reason my sex drive seems small. I was just wondering if I can get some advice on this, and I'm curious as to why sometimes it seems like I don't have a sex drive. I'm an author and notice that since i always want to write, it takes a lot of my attention away from things like sex. I may have a small sex drive, yet when we are active it doesn't seem that way. I'm just very confused.
Also I had two sexual partners in the past, but my sex drive wasn't big with them either, and me and my first only experienced it so much because I was depressed, and i think having sex with him helped that. but with my fiance I want to have sex only when I want to, because i want it to mean something. only thing is i never want to :(