So when I am living with my mother, (my child abusive mother), she likes to hit me across the face, mouth, eye, chest, and crotch whenever I am naughty. I don't think that I should live with her if she's abusing me all the time. Like the time I "purposely" hit my friend in the arm, (I was ten that time now I am 14), my sister told on me and then my mother came up to me, and said, "Go to my room right now," and I went into her room, and then she followed me, closed the door, and turned on me, and grabbed my hair, and slams me really hard into the wall. I cried, (yes, I cried it hurt like h***...) and she told me, "You have better not do that again or else I am going to hurt you really badly, do you understand Nikki Ryan Jordan? I swear to God I will hurt you until you bleed to death. Do you understand?" I nodded and I was in trouble the next day and then my mother did the thing she told me she'd do if I was naughty again. Then I was rushed to the hospital where I suffered from a severe concussion, and was very hurt.

So...what will it be?