As technology develops further, i feel that at times when communicating to people we tend to lose that human reaction, the feeling and the emotion.
We end up being happy, not to get a reaction or not to react to someones phone or text because we want to avoid dealing with the reality of the emotion behind the message. In short, i feel that people are more lonely then they care to share and are finding it hard to interact, and deal with everyday situations.

This question came about when this girl i was seeing (met her 4 times); she was nether my friend or girl friend in my eyes, as i was still trying to assess her in my life. She used the word friend in a fleeting sentence. I told her she was not my friend; she was taken back by that which is understandable. But, i pointed it towards her,
"how can i be you friend, if i don't know anything about you? Further more, my friends would know me, who i am, what is may favourite cheese, my music taste, etc "
She then took the time to get to know me.

So what is a friend?
How do you define your relationships with people you have only met a few times?
Do you categorise them as soon as you meet?
Do you rate friendship by getting on with someone, rather than getting to know them?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.