Do people have to be religious?

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There are no rules as to what you believe. If u think u want to Learn more there are a lot of ways to look at each of your options

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There is no law where you have to be religious. Thus, no you don't have to be religious if you don't want to.

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We don't have to be religious but somehow we become religious right from the time we are born. We grow up into a religion. Then we blindly follow what our religion teaches us. While all religions are good and they teach us the basics of God, if we truly love God and we want God, we have to go beyond religion. We have to ask questions and investigate till we realize the Truth. Who is God, where is God, what is God? We must go beyond religion to discover spirituality - that the kingdom of God is within, that God lives in the temple of our heart, that we are all manifestations of God; we are not the body, the mind and the ego, we are the Divine Soul. This is to be spiritual which is far more important than being religious.

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No, that’s not a requirement. As some of these people have said, if you believe in God, and you want to learn more about it, then you should go ahead and do so.

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People don't have to be religious. Actually religion is only a kindergarten, it is meant for kids. But unfortunately, while we grow out of kindergarten, and go to school and university, we continue to be in the kindergarten of religion all our life. We live with all the rituals, scriptures, dogmas of religion and we think God lives in a temple and church. We don't go in search, we try to find God when God cannot be found. We have to realize God. God lives in the temple of our heart. Therefore, we don't have to change our religion. All religions are good. We have to evolve from the kindergarten of religion to the university of spirituality. We have to graduate from useless superstitions to spiritual wisdom, enlightenment, realization. This is our ultimate goal to realize we are the Soul, to realize God within, to realize that we are all manifestations of the one Divine. Therefore, we don't have to be religious, we have to be spiritual, we have to discover the science of the Spirit.

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