Hello, i was recently involved in a motorbike accident. the third party tried to do a u turn, i was travelling on the right hand lane and the car turned this caused me to knock into her. I was injured from the accident and my solicitors are on no win no fee situation. so the liability is still going on, i have a cctv footage that shows the car emerging from a parking area and trying to do the turn, its not very clear since it happens at a further distance, however a witness has given out evidence on how the accident occured and is blaming me for the accident. The witness is clearly lying since she said that the car was stopped for a while, and i knocked into her. I have told my solicitor about that but she explained to me that she is an independent witness, and still waiting on the statement from her so i can see what she has put down, she was not allowed to perform a u - turn because it had white crossed lines, Should I be worried, because this witness is clearly lying how the accident had occured.