For one No, I'm not suicidal but I got depressed in April of 2016 and recovered in November 2017 because of depression I became a Introvert but in December 2017 all my friends slowly abandoned me I mean if you asked me like in 6th or 5th grade I had lots of friends but 6th grade is still in elementary school were I live i'm in middle school or Jr high 7th grade class of 2017 - 2018 I have been on the Honor Roll (or got straight A's) and everything started okay but ever since this girl moved (Who was my friend) they all well left me one of my friend named Peter (Not his real name) who I have been friends with ever since the 1st grade ditched me for the popular kids then barbie (Not her real name) Left me for some other kids I only had about 4 friends left but because in January we all switch lunches all of my 4 friends are gone and have forgotten about me and I don't want to switch lunches because I don't want to be "That Kid" and with the field trip to a theme park in may I don't want to be all alone there and look like the friendless kid what do I do please please help me. (Ps almost all the time I don't eat lunch in the lunchroom anymore) Also it is hard to make friend due to being a Introvert