I’m 24, have dated several men but it always broke down before getting to a proper relationship.
I’m 5’11”, slightly above average weight (but carry most of it on my chest), I’ve had several jobs working as a medical professional.
I have massive insecurities about my appearance so I don’t dress to gain attention from anybody.
I have one friend who is in her 50’s and single with no children and she doesn’t have any friends, so no possibility of mutual connections there.
My only sibling, my sister, has a young child and doesn’t socialise in any circles that would open me up to meeting new people.
I have one hobby which is art, obviously this is a hobby that doesn’t often give possibilities of meeting new people either.
I’ve recently overcome a substance abuse issue and have diagnosed mental health issues, specifically what I’m hung up about is the fact that I have very obvious and very ugly scars on my body from self harm.
I see a psychologist regularly for all of these these issues, they recommend me partaking in more social activities but due to my insecurities about my appearance this is very uncomfortable.
I’ve tried online dating, where it seems the norm that men state their intentions as “long term” or “serious” when they just want to have casual friends with benefits.

Question is, at I completely missing the mark? Should I be looking somewhere else? Am I a lost cause?