I really struggle with understanding basic instructions. All my life I have been the "stupid friend." Teachers act like I am not trying hard enough because i struggle with what I am being asked to do or I am talked to in a patronising way. The only teacher who I understand has dyslexia so maybe he just understands how i learn. Im in college doing art at the moment but im struggling because there are a lot of instructions and writing for it which is bringing my grades down loads. Im told my art is good though.

In highschool i got a C in music, B in art (Was supposed to get A* but my annotation and research was bad. They also lost half my work), got a C in health and social care (they said i understood but couldn't explain or expand on what i meant.) I got a C in English because i can make good point but was told my spelling and grammar was bad. i failed everything else.

I can read well but sometimes struggle on what it means. I spell ok but will always jumble up the letters or will spell how i think its said. I can only write how i would speech. I struggle to understand time it took me till i was 15 to learn fully how to tell it. I cant do maths well. I only understand 3/4 things in the subject.

My perants say that if i had dyslexia teachers would have picked up on it by now.
Idk guess im just looking for an excuse not to just be labelled stupid, haha.