I had a noodle dish with bolognese stored in a glass tupperware container for about 6 days in the fridge. When getting ready to clean the empty container, I noticed orangey stains of fat on the glass. I put dish detergent in it and filled it with scalding hot water. Then I let it sit for awhile. I came back, emptied it, refilled with hot water and detergent and scrubbed it down as best as I could, repeating this twice. However, I can still smell the ground beef fat on the glass! And to make it worse, the fatty water ended up in my French press which was also in the sink. It got onto the glass and worked itself into the mesh of the press. I had washed it normally but first realized what had happened when my morning coffee tasted like beef broth... I would be grateful for any tricks anyone might know. Or do I have to boil these things and wash them like 3 times with new sponges? (I changed out sponges already multiple times bcs the fat gets stuck in them, too) Thank you!