Are the body and spirit independent of each other?

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I don't see why a spirit has to have a body or a specific body. Maybe a dog could have the same spirit as a human.

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It's interesting you asked that question. did you know that the word "soul" and "spirit", many people have varieties of ideas. This leads to the idea that there is something invisible and immortal that exist inside each one of us, so people often believe that when one dies, this leaves the body and goes up to heaven, or hell depending on the actions of one's life. But did you know this is not what God's word says?

It's good to be aware of the words of, "Soul" and "Spirit" in Hebrew and Greek.

The word, SOUL in Hebrew or Greek-- in Hebrew it's nephesh and greek it's psykhe. English it's written as "soul". When you see the scriptures associated with this, it shows it means people, or animals, or the life that a person or an animal enjoys.

For example in the bible it says:

People. “In Noah’s days . . . a few people, that is, eight souls, were carried safely through the water.”
Animals:“God went on to say: ‘Let the waters swarm forth a swarm of living souls and let flying creatures fly over the earth upon the face of the expanse of the heavens.’ And God went on to say: ‘Let the earth put forth living souls according to their kinds, domestic animal and moving animal and wild beast of the earth according to its kind.’ And it came to be so.”
Life as a person:Sometimes the word “soul” means one’s life as a person. Jehovah told Moses: “All the men who were hunting for your soul are dead.”

BUT NOW.....look at the word "SPIRIT". There is confusion thinking that Soul and Spirit mean the same thing, but it's not so. The bible is clear it shows both mean something very different. This goes with your question you were asking.

Now, consider the Bible’s use of the term “spirit.” Some people think that “spirit” is just another word for “soul.” However, that is not so. The Bible makes clear that “spirit” and “soul” refer to two different things.

In hebrew the word for soul, remember it is "nephesh". And now, for the spirit it is, "pneuma". Many scriptures with "spirit" is found in the bible, and this leads to show that the "spirit" is what gives life to a body. Without this, the body is dead. For more information regarding the verses related to this, please email me.

The soul (body) and the spirit are not the same thing, but the body needs the spirit in order to breathe and be walking on earth. It's like a light bulb, once it's plugged in to the source of energy, it has light. the light bulb is like a body, the source of energy is like the spirit. What about a generator? The framework of a generator--like a body, but the engine/battery--like the spirit. Need both to function. If a soul does not have a spirit, it is dead. Just like what the psalmist said without our spirit, our bodies "expire, and back to their dust they go,"

The bible also explains that the dust (of a person's body) returns to the ground where it came from and the spirit returns to God. So when the spirit---energy/ life force--- leaves the body, the body dies and returns to dust (earth). so likewise the spirit/energy/life force returns to God. Now, this does'nt meant that the spirit takes a trip to heaven, it means that actually--any future life of that person is left in God's hands. Only By God will he give the spirit/energy/life force back to the person/body so that he may live again in the future.

I hope this helps explain your question, I know i did'nt write down where the scriptures which are found in the bible, but rest assured it is there. If you want to know where, and more about this, please contact me, and i will do my best to help you. I hope this helps you.

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