Are we God?

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No God is the God of the sky, the world, the peace, the joy, the justice, the injustice.

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Aren't we God?

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Precisely, ask a silly question get a silly answer.

On a slightly different note, what was the point of your comment?
It serves no purpose other than to demean my opinion, granted that is all it is, but so my good person is yours.
When answering questions on this site I try to be either correct and concise, as constructive as possible, failing that humourous.
You have failed to even make a point.

Please try to join in next time, or do you not play well with others?

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First of all let me apologize, you are quite correct it is not the same person with two accounts, I don't know why I thought that!

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Making a new account every time you want to "stick up" for your other accounts is obvious, pointless and childish.
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No, we're not God. God is our Lord up there in Heaven. He protects us all from harm and danger. He's our protector. Thus, no, we're not God.

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He protects us from what? I see no protection, just harm and danger, "acts of god" seem to kill more people than almost anything else.
When I hear that a church collapses and kills dozens of people inside, I can't help but see the irony.
There is no heaven up there, we've looked!

Thus, no, there is no god.

God doesn't kill people. When you hear that a church collapses and dozens of people are killed inside, it's not god who did it. Other people did that, people are the ones killing, burning, and destroying. God gave everyone the freedom and the brain. Freedom to do what you want and a brain to use to think about what's right from wrong. So god doesn't do these things, blame the humans who have no brain. God is there to judge you at the end, but not here to hold your hand and tell you what to do. Thus, there is god; thus, we are not god,

When you say God, say God with a capital G

the answer can be yes or it can be no. because scriptures tell us that god has many states . dvaitam,advaitam or nirvikalpa etc and its very important to understand that when we are asking this question that are we god ? we should to what that we refers to?
does it refer to our soul or it refers to our body. most of the time we talk about our body and for that the answer is always no and its just a human form which we can only see. most of the poets wrote so wonderfully how the term we refers to the ego of a person but
according to scriptures, the god the master of the universe is one who is the highest and he is free from any kind of illusions. but when it is mentioned in the scriptures that the god is in everyone literally means in our soul. and if there it happens that we can become free from all wordly livings, then we can merge into god which is a great challenge for a human being, and till now no human form could aquire this thing to say that yes i am god. the one who can say this is the only avatar of the god himself that comes to earth in human form like 'lord buddha', 'jesus' , 'lord rama',' bhagwan sri shirdi sai baba' and 'bhagwan sri satya sai baba' about which we came to know by seeing the miracles done by them that a human cannot do. but still it was told in the scriptures that man can to this and reach at that level and still in that sense we can say yes we are god.

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if u r correct in all ur works u r really god

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No we are not God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God is are wonderfull,loving,kind and awesome Savior. He died for our Sins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A HUGE NO! we are not God and we will nvr be. God is the creater of everything and saviour, who sent his son to die for our sins.

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no. noo!

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No, we're not God.

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Are we God? No we're not.

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(Did you see what I did there?)