In September I engaged an attorney to help me with a matter. I paid a $2500 retainer. The matter was quickly resolved. Communication was always by email or telephone. At the beginning of October I sent the lawfirm's founding attorney an email asking for a final accounting and refund of the unused retainer. He never responded back and I have received neither a final bill nor the refund to date (14. Nov). After I emailed someone else at the lawfirm to enquire as to the status of the final bill, he (a business manager at the law firm) emailed me he would look into it and get back to me. He even apologized for the delay. Since then another week has gone by and I have also not heard back from him. It seems ridiculous to ask, but...will I have to engage yet another lawfirm to help me get the final bill and refund from the first lawfirm? What other options are available?