... husband,he passed away on 10-10-10. babe i love ya bunch's and you need to come up stairs, as scared as i was

i went upstairs opened the door to the bedroom which i have not been in for over a week. and much to my surprise there was joey bills little

dog sitting at the foot of bed,first thought was how did joey get in here? then right beside him was a video that i had been looking for of bill,
i just sat there and cried, then watch the video it was so nice,and the other strange thing is a few days before this a lady that i have never

seen came up to and told me that my husband had not left me yet and that he would be at my side till the kids left me alone he would help

because he was so hurt and ashamed but he can't go over till this was settle. can anyone explain this was it really my bill? or something else