... last September 2010..
We have been fighting of late and Thursday night he told his mum whats been happening and that he wants to move back in with her, he went to her place and did not speak to me until tonight, which he said you do realize this isnt one of those fights where im coming back in a few days, i plan to move back in with my mum, i cant be with you anymore...
Ok first i am not coping well handling him moving out but also saying he cant be with me (which i assume means breaking up) is just too much to handle right now,
I have been living alone since i was 17, never have coped well alone, i dont have a friend i feel i can go to for support right now and family well can't really go to them either, as they always looked upto my boyfriend and really liked him alot, actually spent more time with him and interested in him more than me, so i don't think i could go to them right now.
I am struggling to accept that this is really happening, that he is leaving me, that i am going to be alone again, single again i havent been in the single game properly for a long time, i've got way too much baggage for anyone to handle, i really love him and dont want him to leave but his mum has got involved this time, so she has stepped in, he is serious this time about moving out so how do i cope? what can i do? what should i do? how do i cope with a break up? with this heartache? i have been crying for hours and moping around too depressed to do anything, how do i deal with this? it is such a situation for me, its a really hard one so i would like some advice, thank you