I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 1.5+ years now and haven't met his parents because they are Orthodox Jews and I am non-religious. Whenever my boyfriend brings up meeting me to them they always say they need more time even though they’ve had a year and a half so far. I’ll be studying abroad in the spring so when I come back we will have been dating for 2.5 years and I fear that no matter how much time I give them it will never be enough. They are concerned with him dating me because if your mother is Jewish that makes you Jewish so when we eventually have children they won’t be Jewish. Another thing is that he is non religious as well but is too scared of them disowning him if he told them how he truly feels.
He met my parents after 2 months and has met all of my immediate family, even extended family on numerous occasions. It makes it even harder knowing how welcoming my family is to him yet I haven’t received a simple hello from his.
At first this situation made me pretty upset because they wouldn’t meet me just because I’m not Jewish and I have never felt so alienated, then sadness was replaced with anger. Now I don’t really know how to feel because at this point I don’t even feel like meeting them anymore but I obviously have to because he is my world and I want to marry him and have kids in the future but the situation makes all of that more complicated. What should I do?