Brother in the land summary of act 3?

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Branwell (who has already met Danny in the previous scene) welcomes them and tells him about MASADA. Kim's sister, Kate, is introduced. Danny says that "there has been already too much fighting", meaning that he is sick and tired of the deception and lies of the world and just wants everything to stop. Then Danny sleeps and dreams. The Shadow Chorus comes in and plays a role. They act like savages (which represents the evil in the world) while Danny fights them with flowers (this is nothing to laugh about, he is doing it because it represents that he is trying to counter evil with good). The flowers are then taken away from him. Then his mother and father enter (REMEMBER that this is still a dream!), and he is welcomed warmly by them. This shows that he still remembers them and needs them. He also wants Peace to break out. Then when his parents leave and he wakes up, the person he sees is Kim, which means that he needs Kim to survive. Kim invites him to the canteen of the MASADA.

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