Can anybody tell me how to propose a girl ??

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im 11 year old boy im sure you dont want to hear it from me i think you shold bring her to her favorite place then get on one knee tell her you love her then show the ring p.s man up

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When she's sleeping put the ring on her finger and wait until she notices. Or
Take her out to her favorite fancy place to eat (unless its McDonald's) and propose on your knee and kiss her or something.

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Take her out to a fancy restaurant or cook her a nice dinner (depending on which you think she would like better and if you can cook), then if you go to a restaurant wait until your walking to your car, get down on one knee and ask her. If you and her really love each other it won't really matter but the nicer the better never the less.

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Gi to a restaurant and give the rung to the chef and tell them to put it in her glass then when she sees it ask her will you mary me then you're all set! Good luck im rooting for you

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what if she swallows it? lol

do a flashmob :) That would be so cute , i saw a video on youtube before and it was amazing to that song marry you by train look it up!! If you don't like to dance then never mind but i think its the perfect proposal!

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I think you should take her to an expensive restaurant and get her favorite wine if she likes wine. Then look her in her eyes, and smile. Then get on one knee, and say how you feel, take out the ring, and ask her to marry you. Good luck. Hope you get her.

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