Okay so I've liked this guy for over a year now. I have barely said a word to him before. Yet i don't know I think I just feel something. He's considered one of the popular guys at my school. I am really shy sometine, so I'm really in the middle not a loser but not popular. My crush hangs out withs girls all the time. Popular girls. But when ever they're not or sometimes when they are he's looking at me. Every time we see each other in the halls we pass glances at each other. But not the kind like with a stranger. I can recall times he has done things to get my attention or point at me and say something to his friends. I told this popular girl that I trusted that I have a crush on him. She said, oh my gosh thatd be so cute! And he always looks at you.
I know there's something there, I feel butterflies when ever I pass him. I really like him. I don't want to ask him out because he might say no and never look at me again. But I want to at least somehow talk to him so he doesn't fade away. What should I do? Ps. I am 12 and I've never liked a guy as much as I like him.