Can anyone recommend a free online editing tool or can anyone offer to edit for free?

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I assume you mean a computer program.

I assume you are running Windows.

I can assume a lot of things and still not know what you are talking about, because "editing tool" can mean anything. There are movie editors, photo editors, text editors, programming editors for various languages, and on and on. You can't just assume that everybody knows what you are talking about.

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Im sorry I meant like an essay editing tool. To edit my writing.

I use is good but more complicated.

Hey there! Do you still need the help with editing? I want to let you down a bit by telling that you should not really trust the free services. The work of them is not of the high quality always. There is nothing better than the work done for money. So better spend on it and you will be sure about the good result in the end. For example, I know that at Prime Writings the prices are not that high.

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No one's going to edit for free.

Microsoft Word edits for free, but it's not always accurate.

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No one is going to do editing work for free.
I think there's a new program called Grammarly or something that came out in the last year or so that edits while you work

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GIMP is a Short for GNU Image Manipulation Program, GIMP is the closest you can get to Photoshop without paying a dime GIMP is also open-source, which means that if you have the know how, you'll be able to add your own filters and features should you desire.

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