I live in NY and I'm currently in a jam. My child's father didn't pay our rent for almost eight months!(950 a rent). He applied for welfare, but they only was giving $200ish and he wasn't working a stable job. After all of that we had to leave the apartment My former landlord let me and my daughter(she's seven months old) stay downstairs in her daughters room for the time being and honestly it sucks staying down here. You know why she cooks like 2-4 days and when she cooks, she takes the rest of the food with her to work( she works two jobs!). I'm always hungry( Yes i know she can't cook everyday). I'm grateful she let us stay here. My child's father has basically abandoned me and his daughter( that's how I see it). When his child needs diapers, wipes and her milk he tells me he don't have no money and to call someone( one of my friends) to ask them. He's still on welfare and he gets food stamps for he and our daughter and he don't get her baby food and milk. He stole her WIC twice. I can't work because I can't find no one to watch her. I have no money AT ALL and I don't have no where else to go to other than where I'm staying I have no other family up here. The rest of my family is back home in Jamaica( don't tell me to go back home because If I do, I won't be able to come back to the US) Now with that being said can I apply for public assistance even though I'm living with my former landlord and get food stamps as well for my daughter?(She's born here and I'm not a citizen) I'M NOT TRYING TO MAKE EXCUSES FOR MY SELF. I CAN'T A JOB WITHOUT SOMEONE LOOKING AFTER HER AND PUBLIC ASSISTANCE GIVES ME DAY CARE