I will be finishing my Bachelor’s in Psychology and am working on getting into a Master’s program for clinical psychology. I’m nervous because I feel like I really don’t know anything. Almost all of my schooling has been online because I’m SO busy. Between being in the military, getting out, working, having a baby, and taking care of two family members with mental illnesses, my hands have been tied.

I haven’t really studied at all. I’ve always been good at writing essays and basically skimming on passing classes with bare minimum knowledge that eventually gets forgotten. I just never have the time to give as much dedication as I would like and often I find (and hear) that a lot of knowledge comes from experience.

Now, hopefully going into a Master’s program, I feel like knowledge-wise I am not equipped enough. Especially when going to school with competitive students. Does anyone else feel like this? Have you completed a Master’s degree while not learning much or remembering information from your Bachelor’s? Do I still have a chance?