I worked at Subway for almost 10 months and I decided it was time to go. I am a high school student, but I was working around 37 hours a week. It was too much for me to handle. I decided to put in a two weeks notice. I typed it and left it in an envelope for her. When she saw it, her attitude towards me changed. She would not speak to me nor look at me. She stopped answering my phone calls and did not return text messages. About two days before my two weeks was up, my mother ended up in the hospital. I called my boss repeatedly and tried to tell her why I would not be coming in to work. She did not answer nor return any of the calls. Therefore I texted her and said "I quit as of today. I will bring your key to the store tomorrow." I have not talked to her at all after that. When I picked up my last check stub, I noticed that she had decreased my pay back down to $7.25, which is what I had started with. I had worked up to $7.55 in the 9 months I worked there. Is she allowed to do this?