Someone very important to me was jailed for a "violent" crime against her ex as she was being defensive. But her being arrested and jailed not only effected her and her immediate family but also has a severe negative pull on my mental health condition/s as she was my mental stabilizer and personal "crutch" I guess one might say. She being a person of medical experience had helped me for the previous year with maintaining even slightly simple humanly tasks as my mental state severely limits my ability to do most of such things. And since she is literally the only person on this whole planet that my mind and condition allows me to work with, her removal has greatly and very negatively effected my life and if I cannot remain stable I can possible slip into homicide fits with no control over my person or recollection of what is happening as the voices in my head take over and do despicable things that are an extreme hazard to the public. She is the only person that can actually help me as I seem to be mentally drawn towards her presence and without it I am a potential risk threat to my community and will be locked up myself for something I cannot control without her physical presence in my day to day as i become more unstable with each passing moment.

Please help me find a way into this as I have been trying to find any possibility since the day she was taken into custody and have already slipped into three separate blinded episodes of outbursts(no one/thing was harmed in any of the three) and fear another may not be as mellow as they were and I may not only lose rights to myself as a person and be subjugated to imprisonment or even a new mental institution with no release or visitation but also may be direct cause for numerous suicides and mental outbursts across a total of 4 states and possible homicide.

Please note that I am not threatening anyone in the previous statements. I'm simply saying that I may lose control of my person and give into unlawful primitive acts I can't control and as a result I will be locked away and people who I have been in direct emotional/physical contact with including family and friends with similar conditions may also either take direct primitive action against others or against themselves as a result of my removal from society. This is a very serious inquiry and very real and possible outcomes if I cannot fix my issue.

Also I marked this as if I was looking to start a conversation but I am indeed looking for a very direct to the point answer but I know human error is a very real thing to consider so I made it to where people could respond to this inquiry numerous times in case of forgotten, corrected, or even opted information.