So the other night I had a dream. A man in black entered my house hold and came at me with a knife. I tried to fend him off, suddenly having a knife of my own and continued to stab him in the hand. This has no effect on him and he plunged the knife above my left hip. I felt intense pain then I awoke. A day later, I was telling my friend of my dream and she asked me if I had been stabbed above my left hip. I told her I had, and then asked how she knew. She then continued to ask if he was dressed in black, since I had given her few details she hadn't a description. I once again confirmed what she had asked and once again asked how she knew. She told me her ex was planning on killing me, and had talked of dressing in black and coming into my house and stabbing me, exactly where I drempt. I asked her to talk to him and figure out how he had came up with it, he replied with I drempt of it. He also talked about how he walks by my house while carrying his scorpion knife, everyday. I don't know if my dream was a warning, or some foresight for the future. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. This was 3 days ago I drempt about this.