Can someone PLEASE help me finish american school world literature exams 3-8! :(?

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I can't remember if I took this subject or not, I will have to look. But I could possibly help you if you can help me with these 2 subjects: "How To Talk More Effectively" & "Geometry" (if you took them that is).

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Can you please help me finish world lit, exams 1-8. and social civics, all of them. please, I very much need to finish.

I need immediate help for literature 1 exam 3 and up. But if you only have 3 that would be appreciated. email me? Please please please

I took Literature I. That's the only kind of Literature iv'e taken :( Here's the subjects iv'e took: "Planning Your Career", "Ess Math II (1st Sem)", "Ess Math II (2nd Sem)", "Literature I", "Physiology & Health", "Practical English", Psychology", "Social Civics", & "U.S. History". If you need help with ANY of those subjects, let me know.

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Hi could you help me with algebra 2 I need help with examination 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

i need literature exams 3-5 can u help please

Could you email me answers to lit 1?

HEY email me I have all of those and they are correct probably get you an A or B.

and LITERATURE 1 EXAM 1,3,4,5.


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Do you have Geometry & How To Talk More Effectively?? (: I'll give you the Literature 1 answers (: whats your email?

Do you have Geometry & How To Talk More Effectively?? (: I'll give you the Literature 1 answers (: whats your email?

hey can you email me.. i need help on world lit and i can help u with lit 1.. ???

ive got lit 1 exams 1 through 7 for world lit exams. ill take anything you got.

hey whats your email address I need help with just exam 8. I can send you money.

Ive got the algebra exams, all A's. I need the world lit exams. I have all the other subjects completed.

PLEASE i need the help too on world lit

I can help with world lit exams, except 5 i need 5
I have literature, planning your career, psychology, social civis(government), us history, and world lit. Let me know if anyone has world lit exam 5?

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What Else Do You Have?

Do you still have world lit please help me

i need literature exams 3-5 can u help please?

i need literature exams 3-4 can u help please

I could really use some help with world literature too..i can help with other subjects as well...just email me please!

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i have all but 8.... were you able to get help?

Can someone help me with world literature I have everything else done besides algebra 1 that I could trade please :)

I need help with world lit exams 3-8. It is my last course before I can graduate.

Does anyone have world literature 3-8 please its my last class so I can graduate.!!!! Someone please answer ....

@aeleonardo Can I please have the world lit exams you have?! I need help majorly. Get back to me asap if you can!! Thank you!!