A guy that used to work with my wife shorty my before her and I got married was pressuring her to break up with me. He even caught her off guard and kissed her when she thought he was simply hugging her on his last day of work. She didn’t tell me at the time because it was just before our wedding and she didn’t want to ruin everything. She just told me about it. I very respectfully and maturely reached out to him and asked why he was doing those things. He sent me back a message basically laughing about it and being a jerk. After he left the workplace he became a cop and got married. Well, I was informed by some other people even after marrying another person he was cyber-stalking my wife and making inquiries about her to see if she was still with me, happy, etc. I want to respond and sort of tell him what I think. I just worry if he can in any way abuse his power as a cop and try to get me in trouble.